Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why I Love Wallis

Okay, I really should be packing, but I thought I'd post one more time before we hit the road in the morning. I may have mentioned this before, but one of my vintage fashion idols is Wallis Warfield Simpson (once the Duchess of York). While certainly a controversial figure, Wallis Warfield Simpson was one of the most elegant and sophisticated dressers, in my humble opinion. Below are two of my favourite pictures of her. Of course, with people like Elsa Schiaparelli making her dresses, no wonder she looked so divine! Oh, speaking of Schiaparelli, I came across the most amazing Schiaparelli website today. Have a look? Toodles til Monday, darlings.

Wallis Warfield Simpson

Wallis Warfield Simpson

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Amanda said...

Wallis was a fabulous dresser - totally inspirational

Andi B. Goode said...

Very chic!
-Andi x

Frollein von Sofa said...

wow !!! this schiap website is amazing ! thanks so much for posting it. happy holiday !!

Miss Matilda said...

She was an amazing woman, a real fashion icon.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh so stylish and I just adore the dog!

The Glamorous Housewife said...

I too adore Wallace. What a crazy life she led. Did you know there were rumors that she was actually a man?

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

She was really "something" wasn't she! Years ago I read a biography about her life and her willfulness. She definitely achieved anything she set out to do. One has to admire not only her classy beauty but also her tenacious spirit!

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Love edith piaf and these pictures are also adorable.

Kelley Anne said...

She really was lovely. I recently watched a BBC miniseries about her relationship with the king, but can't remember the name. I'll try to find out if you're interested.

Thanks for the website was really interesting. Have a great time!

jordiegirl said...

Lovely lady - always looks a little mysterious to me in her pictures - but also very glamorous and I love her hairstyle.

She certainly caused a bit of a stir by marrying the King and him abdicating for her - even way back then, good on you. At least he had the guts to do it unlike some today (we all know who I am referring to).

My mother used to talk about Wallis as she remembered the abdication and all the furore that went with it. I'm sure she sympathised with Wallis's situation and the way she was despised by many. My mother divorced her first husband as he was having an affair when she was carrying his second child back in 1946 - so perhaps some empathy there too.

Thanks for posting, will pop over to the Schiaparelli website to take a look.

Kesenya said...

Oh wasnt she beautiful!! The personification of elegance ! I totally agree with jordiegirl too, they were a very gutsy pair, and a wonderful testement to the power of true love.

I really enjoy your website - and I see you are listening to Edith....have just watched the film of her life - quite moving! What did you think of it?

Some Like it Vintage said...

Oh yes, Wallis Simpson was a very elegant woman. Schiaparelli designs will make anyone look fantastic, but it seems she was made for them.

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

She was just fascinating, wasn't she. I love reading about her! Beautiful blog!


FrivolousFlapper said...

I too must admit I find the relationship Wallis had with Edward as fascinating as the woman herself. I have some neat pics of the two from the 40s I may post soon.

Glamorous Housewife: !! I'd never heard Wallis was rumoured to be a man?! That's a new one!

Kelley Anne: I recall seeing that show as well, but its title eludes me.

The Man Who Knew Too Much and Kesenya: Oh, yes, I adore Edith Piaf too. I just saw the heartbreakingly bittersweet biopic and hope to blog about it soon.

PS: I only browsed the Schiaparelli site briefly. Upon second visit it is less amazing than I thought. I was hoping I could click on more of the icons and get more on Elsa. Oh well, I'll maybe save her for another post anyway. xoxo.

Gossamer: Thanks! Glad you like it!