Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vintage Catch Up

Hello, lovelies! Sorry so scarce, but I've been busy as a bee! Here's a quick catch-up!

1) We were thrilled that Sandy Joe of The Pretty Secrets chose The Moon River Mercantile's vintage and location for a spring style feature she did for Vue Weekly recently.  Looking forward to future collaborations with this fabulous fashion maven.

2) We have received some amazing vintage goodies on consignment lately, so I've been busy as a bee working on (and at) The Moon River Mercantile Co. showroom, while also doing a lot of photo-shooting for the Etsy shop.  One of the new models I got to work with was the stunning Lucky L'amour.

(I'm planning to re-stock Adeline's Attic Vintage with a few cool Edwardian to 1930s items, too, but more on that later).  

3). We've got a few other photographic projects and collaborations in the works. Recently, Brad of DB Photographics was the in showroom to shoot some fashion shots for our shop and his portfolio. Great work, Brad!

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Birthday in Bohemia

This past Saturday, I celebrated the beginning of my last year of my 30s in 1920s Parisian bohemienne style, at the aptly named historical B & B, La Boheme, which is in the same neighbourhood as my new shop.  Kind thanks to my vintage loving pals, who donned some fun finery and joined me in the secret wine room for a lovely evening!

Photo courtesy of Charmaine