Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Marry Me!?

Oh, dear, bloggers, I'm officially off my nut.  Even though I've been married for four years now and our wedding was a lovely affair (if I do say so myself), a little part of me has always regretted that I didn't follow through on some of my youthful plans of opting for a bridal look very much like the ones my great aunts wore on their 1930s wedding days.  Well, today I actually got not one, but two vintage wedding gowns for the shop (one is mid-30s, the other late 30s to early 40s), and even though I have oodles of packing (and sewing) to do, I could not resist trying one of them on.  Thankfully, it does not quite fit me or I swear to you I would be keeping it in hopes that le baron and I can do a vintage vow renewal next year.  If you are on the hunt for a 30s wedding dress and think this might be THE gown, feel free to send me a convo in the shop.  Otherwise, I will likely be listing this, and the other wedding gown, some time later this month.

1930s wedding dress

Music that ironically started playing from my iPod as I was posting this:  
Janet Klein's rendition of "I don't know whether to do it" from Fanny Brice


Anonymous said...

*picking up my jaw* HOLY COW, baroness. How utterly ethereal can you get. Like you're the queen of the fairies... Geez louise. You're killing me! (In a good way of course!)

Jitterbugdoll said...

What a pretty dress--the style suits you well!

BaronessVonVintage said...

thanks! I'm sure it would look even better on someone the exact size. Still, it was SUCH fun to try it on!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! If I ever get married I don't know how I would ever decide on a dress---I would want to wear one from at least 6 different eras!

Amanda said...


Kir said...

I'm curious. What did you end up wearing for your wedding?
You look utterly lovely in that dress! Very ethereal and romantic! :)