Friday, May 21, 2010

Red Gingham and Rhubarb

Yes, indeedy, I have been an amazingly lucky vintage hunter! Please don't hate/envy Baroness Von Greedy Guts too much for flaunting her wares/wears.  The fact is that one of the benefits of selling vintage is that I sift through a LOT of vintage. It is my full time job.  It is therefore inevitable that, along the way, I'm gonna accrue some (okay a lot) of vintage fabulousness.  Still, I do really think I've just been at the right place at the right time when it has come to cotton leisurewear pieces (in my size and at very reasonable prices) this past year.  Now that the weather has warmed up, I've been unable to resist trotting out and giving them each a turn in the garden--and a spot on the blog, as you may have noticed!  Sorry for so many outfit posts lately but I think vintage treasures are meant to be shared!  Anywhoo, the 1930s gingham "pyjamas" I'm wearing below are probably second behind my sailor dress in terms of favourite vintage leisurewear finds.  I bought them listed as beach pyjamas, but since there is no beach near here, I wore them out while exploring the rhubarb patch. They actually remind me more of the outfits I posted about earlier here, here, and here (my set feels more akin to the last set than to some of the open-backed beach pyjama sets in the other posts).  I was going to make that Eva Dress set I blogged about before, but I got these pjs for less than I would have had to pay to buy the pattern and fabric!  Huzzah!  You'll notice I rethought my footwear midway through the photos.  Even though I've previously established that gladiators with beach pjs could be considered historically accurate, my white playshoes felt more color coordinated.  My plan was to gather enough rhubarb to make some sort of pie or crumble, but I only found two (almost) ripe stalks. Oh well!  I still had some strawberry shortcake waiting for me...fitting, since the colors and style of the outfit made me crave something with strawberries and cream.  







Riikka said...


And I fully agree with you - vintage is meant to be shared! After all, most of these pieces are one-off these days and our only chance of seeing them are basically through blogs. There's no such thing as too many outfit posts, I say.

Kelly-marie said...

How utterly lovely! A perfect outfit for Rhubarb hunting, I wish i was living in your pictures right now. I am tres Jelouse of your gingham PJamas and I always enjoy your outfit posts so keep them coming. Thanks for sharing.

Tess said...

I am rejecting the urges to feel immense jealousy and envy. :) It's not easy. What else is there to say other than they're perfect? Seriously, I want to go hunting with you sometime.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your photo posts! Yes, I admit that I envy you, too, but I love seeing all the goodies!
This outift is amazing, and it really looks well on you. Lucky Baroness!!

Lauren said...

I just found your blog. I adore your dress, it's just gorgeous.

Amanda said...

What a darling outfit!

Emily said...

Jill!!!! I was bidding on those on eBay, but am so glad you were the one to outbid me and not someone else who doesn't appreciate great vintage!!! :) They look wonderful on you!!!

Miss Matilda said...

I'm hpoing you'll find me a 30's sunhat? Something like the shape of the delicious one you have on in the divine pics. I'm sending you the one I have named Miss Marple
as soon as your frock is ready, which won't be too long!


Fab pics as ever.

Cassiopeia said...

Ooooh! I love rhubarb :D The jumper is gorgeous too. Yum! Xxxc

Maggi said...

I love it! Gingham is one of my very favorite things!

BaronessVonVintage said...

Whew...I guess I'll stop feeling so silly about doing outfit posts, since you all enjoy them!

Tess: I'd LOVE to vintage sleuth with you too! Funny, I am in complete awe of your own beauty and vintage finds and the entire look of your blog. I am just not very good at visual expression. YOU, on the other hand, are WONDERFUL at it!!

Now, Cassiopeia, Maggi: I agree: Gingham is glorious (and rhubarb is pretty great, too, when paired with some sugar and strawberries).

Emily: eeks! I knew this sort of thing was bound to happen at some point. sorry, doll! You're right it has gone to a loving home, though. ;)

Miss M: darling I will try to see if I can find a similar chapeau. Miss Marple is the PERFECT name for the one being stolen off poor Betty! I'm excited to see the Miss Marple series starting this Sunday and was actually planning a Marple-y post. YAY!

Anonymous said...

They're so sweet, even if the rubarb isn't (yet)

I just got an email about the Marple series too -yay; I really liked the ones with Geraldine "Lucia" McEwan; I haven't seen the lastest Miss M in action, looking forward to it.

garofit said...

What a lovely lovely post! Just back from my holiday, it's a pleasure to catch up with your blog, and one I've been looking forward to! Stop being silly about outfit posts, I love seeing your vintage, and it's always so much nicer to see it on someone who takes the trouble to put together an outfit than on a mannequin. It brings vintage to life, and you are adorable and an inspiration.

garofit said...

Oh and I forgot to say how much I covet the hat in the pics, GORGEOUS!

BaronessVonVintage said...

1930s Girls: aw shucks..YOU'RE sweet, too. I'm worried the "new" Marple is not as stylish or endearing as "Lucia"--fingers crossed

garofit: you're baaaack! YAY! I truly missed you! Thank you SO much for your kind words and warm reassurances. Will try to heed your advice and not feel so squeamish about compulsive outfit posting xoxo