Sunday, January 3, 2010

(Beach) Pajama Party, Part I

One of my New Year's resolutions is to really get back to sewing. I've been talking and planning several projects for months. Maybe this year I'll actually get that sewing machine a-whirring. Maybe I'll even tackle some beach pajamas? Here are some pattern images that are inspiring me. NOTE: the divine bloggers behind the blog The Painted Woman did some wonderful posts about 1930s resort wear, especially beach pyjamas/pajamas last year. HERE is a link.



Music I'm Listening To/Video I'm Watching: Fred and Ginger dancing to the Carioca in Flying Down to Rio.


Riikka said...
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Riikka said...

It is my goal to start sewing this year also. There's so many beautiful patterns that I'm just dying to turn into dresses!

Good luck with your resolution. :)

(Oops, fixed a typo from the previous comment)

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