Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hail to the Conquering Graduates, Part II

 While college grads are enjoying convocation, high school students are likely dreaming of prom.  I thought these 1937 Life images of a college party seemed sort of prom-like.  It's fun to imagine what these people were thinking or saying (esp. the couple who seems embroiled in some sort of tiff).  One gal seems quite intoxicated.  Which dress do you love best?


Starr Crow said...

i love these!!

the girl on the stairs is my favorite. i love the print on her dress and the little flower placed in her hair.

Diva said...

Yes, old pictures have that effect ... :) I love antic images of people who loved and cried like us, but are no more ... Its a humbling reminder of the fragility of Life and an encouragement to live lIfe at its fullest !

Rueby... said...

Well now...there's a post about your future band in my google reader that isn't appearing on your blog! I would definitely rock a Baroness Von Vintage & the Hooverettes T-shirt; you should make blog follower tees ;) That red & white dress was awesome too. My only 30s house dress is too big :(

BaronessVonVintage said...

Thanks, Starr. I adore that gal on the stairs too! Her frock reminds me of the ethereal 30s gown I have in the Etsy shop right now

Photos like these have that poignant quality for me, too, Diva!

Rueby: SORRY! I posted but then had to revise the post due to formatting problems. The "Hooverette" post should be live now. Hmmm, t-shirts. GREAT idea ;)

Pixie Drive-In said...

Oh wow. Their dresses are much nice than what I wore to prom! lol. This makes me miss school...just a little.