Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bonnie and Clyde

Hello, lovelies!! Just stopping in to do a little post before I forget (I promise to get some answers to your great questions posted later this week).  Okay, so....Confession: until the other night, I had never seen the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde, starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway.  My verdict: very very interesting.  Beatty was just too gorgeous for words (oh, those white teeth) and Dunaway was quite interesting to watch as well.  From a fashion history perspective, I found the late 60s take on 1930s fashion intriguing.  Could this film be a main reason why 30s fashion seems to have been such an influence on 1970s style?  One way or another, there's no denying the costumes in the film are chic and iconic.  No wonder they were Oscar nominated.

Fashion aside for a second, I ultimately came away from the movie eager to learn more about the actual Bonnie and Clyde.  One of things I had never heard before, but that the movie seems quite keen on emphasizing, is the idea that Clyde "was never much a lover boy."  In other words, the film suggests that Clyde had a low libido and/or an aversion towards intimacy with Bonnie.  Was this true?  I have to say I found it a little amusing that the notorious lover boy Warren Beatty had to play this role!  I digress: can anyone suggest any good biographies that might help one learn more about the people behind the myths and the movie characters?  Until watching the movie, I also had no idea that Bonnie Parker wrote poetry.  I did a bit of research to see if this was fact or fiction and found a site which has posted her work.

 Final thoughts:  1) Dunaway's outfits were chic in their own way, but nothing can top Parker's Depression era knitted getups; 2) I saw some sites online indicating a new Bonnie and Clyde movie starring Hilary Duff is being filmed (noooooo); 3)  Dark City Dame has taken the BEST Bonnie Parker inspired fashion photos I've ever seen!!  I did my own feeble attempt at a Bonnie look at New Year's for the murder mystery dinner. Close, but no cigar.


Anonymous said...

Great post! I completely agree about B.P.'s knitwear vs. F.D's costumes! Her costumes look way too '60 for my liking, but I admit I think they did a better job at creating a period look than some other films of that decade - where, no matter what time period it's supposed to be, the women just scream "1960s!" with nude lipstick, totally straight, piled high hair, and huge false eyelashes.

Anonymous said...

Hilary Duff playing Bonnie?

Dizzy Dame said...
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Dizzy Dame said...

I have read TONS on Bonnie and Clyde. Don't go by this movie.
I think they originally wanted Clyde to seem like he had some homosexual tendencies in this movie.. which he never was,he was raped in prison and eventually murdered the man because of it. They actually cut the homosexual tones they had for the movie and just made him sexually frustrated/low libido instead.

Your best read is. "go down together' by Jeff Guinn.

and thanks! - I am Dark City Dame -

Pixie Drive-In said...

Hilary Duff as Bonnie? I personally am not excited for that, but I've always wanted to see the Beatty/Dunaway movie. I had no idea she wrote poetry!

Andi B. Goode said...

Oh, yes, I heard about Hilary Duff AGES ago. Haha. So lame. I haven't seen the film but I really want to! I generally care very little for historical accuracy in movies (in terms of actual events, etc - when it comes to costume, I care ;]).
-Andi x

Betty Lou said...

i was a bit obsessed with Bonnie & Clyde when i was younger, did a report about them.

Twila Jean said...

I was thrown off on that movie how much the hair and costuming was so NOT 30s. everything looked 60s to me, except the cars and the men.

But it was a fun movie.

Riikka said...

Bonnie and Clyde is one of my all time favorite movies! I just love it so much.

BaronessVonVintage said...

1930s Girls: Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Still distinctly 60s in some ways but not as over the top 60s as other period films from this decade

Trixie: I know...eeks!

Dizzy Dame: thank you SO much for this info! fascinating! I was pretty sure YOU were Dizzy Dame but couldn't find the pics on your blog, so referenced your flickr stream instead (hope that's okay!). Just the best photos! Side note: the movie was really weird with its allusion to Clyde's aversion to being a "loverboy," then his comment that he doesn't like boys or anything, then the eventual consummation of their sexual relationship just before the film's epic climax. Seems like they were using it as a plot device more than anything. Your info above helps put some of this in context, for sure!

Pixie: yeah, her poetry is quite interesting. Maybe worth pursuing as a neat unit in an English class?

Andi: I'm a super stickler for historical authenticity or "accuracy" only when it relates to an historical figure or a literary work that I have especial partiality towards....costuming especially can affect my overall thoughts on a film, too.

Betty Lou: I only heard of these two through popular culture. Never learned about them in school. A report would have been really really interesting to pursue!

Twila Jean: Yeah, I totally agree. It was definitely 60s-does-30s. I couldn't find pictures, but even "Bonnie's" cotton feedsack dresses were fitted in a way that I can only describe as really late 60s. I had seen so many people inspired by the looks in the movie here in the blog world that I went into the film knowing what the costumes were going to look like. I personally prefer authentic 30s fashion more often than not, but I can appreciate the influence Bonnie's outfits had and still have on fashion lovers! I just hope people interested in a real 30s look don't go by this movie as an accurate reflection of Depression Era fashion

Riikka: yeah, it was really riveting to watch! I couldn't get over how young Gene Hackman looked ;) Really good acting and the film as a whole really grew on me. I might have to watch it again (and again!)

Tess said...

Knit dresses are the best ever! Flattering and comfortable and simple yet detailed. Hmmm.

I admit, I've never seen this movie. I was very intrigued to, but ultimately I didn't like how (from the pictures I've seen) it still looks very 60's (for example, her hair). I wish it was just a bit more true to the era, but man is she gorgeous and her clothes are just as if not more gorgeous.

Maggi said...

Hilary Duff Nooooooooooooooooo!

The hats...the hats!!!! I love these hats!

Stefanie Valentine said...

I'd love to read more about these two, i find them so fascinating. Err, Hilary Duff as Bonnie Parker? Are they serious?!

Lexie said...

Ya, I was really disappointed to find out that Hilary Diff is going to play Bonnie. I just dont think she has the right amount of talent to play that role. Haha, ya I thought it was ironic as well for Beatty to be playing someone who wasnt a "loverboy". I liked the movie so Im not looking forward to a remake (although they claim its not a remake, but rather more information about the same story), why must they remake so many good movies! Good post and I love your Bonnie inspired outfit too.

BaronessVonVintage said...

Yeah, the Hilary casting choice is silly. Lexie, I also read that the new flick is NOT supposed to be a remake of the late 60s film, but if that is true, why do they insist on making Hilary-as-Bonnie look EXACTLY like Faye Dunaway!?!? :)

Lexie said...

Ya, it seems so silly to do that. They should just focus on finding someone that looked like the real Bonnie and who could play the part. I havent seen much of Hilary Duff's acting, but I dont think she will be able to pull a role like Bonnie Parker off.