Monday, May 17, 2010

Ask & Tell

I've got a busy week ahead of me, so I may not end up blogging as regularly for a few days.  In the mean-time, I thought I would give you lovely bloggers the opportunity to ASK me questions related to vintage (buying, selling, wearing, owning, cleaning, whatever) or Etsy or 1930s fashion, etc., that you would like me to answer.  I'm doing this primarily because I noticed some people have asked me questions in the comments sections of previous posts, but I have not always gotten around to answering them. By doing this post, I can have all the questions in one place and then I can perhaps more systematically and conspicuously post my answers to them at the end of the week in a response/answer post.  Conversely, if you want to TELL me whether there are any particular topics you would like to see me posting about on the blog, I can use this info to produce blog posts in the future!


Dizzy Dame said...

Where do you find your 30s dresses?

Debi said...

I would love to hear more about how you were initially drawn to this time period (how did it all start?) Also, I would love to see a post on lounging outfits from the time period (I'm so in love with those!) Also, I am particularly taken with 1930's accessories (hats, gloves, purses, jewelry, sunglasses, etc through the decade). I love your blog! :-)

Elizabeth said...

What the blooming heck does 'Deadstock' mean? The word makes me think of the Wild Wild West, but I don't think that's quiiite right...! How do you tell if a vintage item you've bought from another vintage enthusiast is deadstock or not? Why are there so many deadstock items floating around?

Lauren said...

Its so funny you would do this post just now, I was about to leave you a question asking how you learned to identify certain "pieces" in there correct time eras? Are there certain websites or books you learned or studied from?

I just came across a lovely little hat by "Don Anderson", and realized I haven't got much of a clue as to when it was made etc...Which is what spawned these thoughts! You can see it here.

Anyways - I would love to see a post on your "know how" when it comes to identifying vintage treasures! (Or maybe you already have a post on this that you could direct me too)


Stefanie Valentine said...

I'd like to know where you find your clothes, and also could you give us tips on how to identify vintage items- there could be a huge rail of clothes in front of my and some of them i could date, but a few more tips would be helpful!

Anonymous said...

I adore your fashion sense.

I've just bought on the Etsy brown shoes and a bag (reddish brown, chocolate brown)
Here are the links to the pictures:

What colors do you think would look good with these shoes and bag? Also, skirt/ pants?
I am grateful to you in advance :)