Thursday, April 29, 2010

Apple Blossom Time: Petal Pink Perfection

FINALLY, another gloriously warm day! The sunbeams coaxed the beautiful blooms of the crabapple tree in my backyard to open and I swear the grass grew green and tall in a matter of minutes! The yard was too lovely to resist; I decided to take the 1920s dress I've recently listed in the Etsy shop for its one and only brief outing with me. I paired it with a pair of vintage t-straps that are 1950s but very 20s style (These are also going into the shop shortly. They fit size 8 US. Convo me via the Etsy shop if you are interested). How could I resist, when it is the exact colour of the apple blossoms? I tried to take some pictures up in the tree house that was built up in the tree by the previous owners of the house. I have blogged before about my serious desire to transform this little structure into a Krazy Kat Klub style flapper hideaway. Well, I discovered today that it is going to take a massive overhaul before any gin swilling or charleston dancing can occur in it, as it has dry rot and is generally unstable. Still, it was lovely to be up right in the bows of the blooming branches with sparrows singing and bees droning right in my ear.




petal pink


Music: "I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time"


Francy said...

Your dress and shoes make me sooo weak in the knees. They are beautiful on you. And a flapper hideaway? Sounds like a great plan!

garofit said...

WOW, you look AMAZING in this dress and in pink. Wonderful!

Debi said...

BEAUTIFUL! You look absolutely wonderful! love the trees!

Stefanie Valentine said...

Gorgeous! I wish i could pull off the flapper look! xx

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

Very pretty!

Kir said...

Absolutely lovely pictures! And those shoes are amazing, pity I'm a 7.

Tess said...

Those shoes are so perfect! I love these new photos. They're really really lovely.

Tess said...

Also, are they are a large 8 or a vintage small 8? :)

BaronessVonVintage said...

Thanks, dolls! I'll be sad to see both these items go but gotta pair down this wardrobe!!!

Details on the shoes, Tess:

1950's cream coloured leather T-strap pumps with a darling pink rose pattern * the ankle strap has a painted metal button closure * the inside footpad of 1 shoe is marked: PAPPA GALLO & the other shoe is marked: HAHNE & CO NEWARK MONTCLAIR * sized 8M

Price: $48 USD + shipping (varies depending on location)
* measurements
US size: 8 * UK: 5.5 * EUR: 38.5 * AUS: 6.5 *JAP: 24
inside toe to heel: 10" long
outside ball of foot: 3 1/8" wide
heel: 2 1/2" high

* condition
the shoes are in great vintage condition * inside is super clean, though the footpads are slightly curling up * the leather heel on the right shoe is a little wrinkled * heels are sturdy *

BaronessVonVintage said...

sorry that should say "pare" down this wardrobe ;)

Vele said...

Beuatiful!!! Amazing!
Thanx for sharing

Bug said...

Don't you look lovely! The dress is amazing and your hairdo goes with it so perfectly. Glad to hear you had a lovely sunny day.

Dsata said...

Wow. Your outfit is so wonderful and the pictures are very nice !

Q's Daydream said...

These pictures are stunning! You are a beauty!

BaronessVonVintage said...

Thank you ever so much!!