Sunday, November 3, 2013

Adeline's Attic Vintage: GRATITUDE and a GIVEAWAY!

Well, I can't believe it. On October 11, my etsy shop, Adeline's Attic Vintage, celebrated its fourth birthday!  To say I am elated (in a rather misty-eyed way) is an understatement.  I can't thank you, my friends, followers, and patrons, enough for your support, encouragement, and business, as I took an opportunity afforded by a rather difficult personal and professional transition, and made a deeply personal dream into a "virtual" reality.  As many of you know, my shop was named after my beloved grandmother, Adeline, whom I was lucky enough to have as a central part of my life until her passing in 1995, when I was 19.  Adeline was a self-taught dressmaker and she also sold children's shoes at the now-defunct Canadian Department store, Eaton's.  She is the reason I fell in love with vintage and she is why I continue to be passionate about sharing that love with all of you. Now, then, as a gesture of gratitude, I am hosting a GIVEAWAY.  The prize is $75 USD store credit, which can be put towards any item in my etsy shop (***this credit cannot be combined with any other offer and cannot be put towards pre-existing layaways with me).  I have added a raffle widget below, so you can enter and share the giveaway with greater ease.  If you wish to use the image of my grandmother below as part of our own blog or instagram or Facebook post about this giveaway, please feel free! Good luck and I'll announce the winner on November 12th, 2013!


Unknown said...

You're grandmother had such a beautiful name and what an inspiration she is to you. So lovely to hear that you turned crappy events into your shop, your items always make me drool, keep it up elegant lady xxx

Witchcrafted Life said...

Joyful congratulations on four excellent, successful, exciting years! I love the dress that I bought from your a couple of years ago and wear it often, thinking of you and your beautiful shop each time.

Thank you for holding this generous giveaway.

♥ Jessica