Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Who Has Seen the Wind?

A trip out to a local corn maze went awry (silly me, for even attempting to go on the last weekend of the season!), so a little Thanksgiving prairie photo-shoot took its place.  It's nice sometimes to stop and appreciate the local splendours right under my own feet here in Alberta. That includes appreciating the style and craftsmanship of the locally produced Cinder + Smoke dress I bought recently. It's truly the perfect autumn dress!  That 60s/70s mustard mohair vintage cape I wore? It's coming to the shop, shortly, but, boy was it cozy! Hurry, before I change my mind! Ditto with the 1930s purse! 20s/30s chenille beret is staying with me for now.  

High above the prairie,
the wind wings on,
bereft and wild its lonely song.
It ridges drifts
and licks their ripples off;
it smoothens crests,
piles snow against the fences.
A meadow lark sings
and it is spring.
And summer comes.
A year is done.
Another comes
and it is done.
Where spindling poplars lift
their dusty leaves
and wild sunflowers stare,
the gravestones stand
among the prairie grasses.
Over them a rapt
and endless silence lies.
This soil is rich.

--W.O. Mitchell, Who Has Seen the Wind?


Tasha said...

Yay! I was hoping when you posted photos on Instagram that we'd see a blog post with them. I absolutely love every single element about this outfit and the photoshoot. Swoon!!

Jitterbuggin said...

How lovely Jill!

BaronessVonVintage said...

Thanks!!! I do love my vintage, but thought a post about my other growing love for locally made clothing deserved a post. :D

Ivy said...

Great outfit. I would love to see a closer look at the chenille beret you're wearing! So cute!


tubby3pug said...

you look so adorable and my do I love that cape! I dont know how you part with your vintage things

the old fashioned way

Charmaine said...

Love it! I've been meaning to do a similar style post! This is perfect! Also, the corn maze is on until the 20th!

Unknown said...

There's no better way to snap a photo than the haystack. :)
The sun was wonderful, I'm sure, since the photos came out magnificently.


Flora Cruft said...

Dreamy autumnal pictures and you are so beautiful in that pretty dress and cosy cape. Enchanting!

Witchcrafted Life said...

Timelessly excellent choice of Canadian poetry to accompany these golden, gorgeous, completely stunning autumn-on-the-prairies outfit photos.

♥ Jessica

Mugsy's in Stitches said...

You look wonderful! And such a terrific backdrop, too.
Great, now I'll be adding that purse to my "wants" list...like I need more things in my faves list on etsy! *lol*

Such an amazing time of year, non?

BaronessVonVintage said...

Thanks, lovelies!! I did enjoy cobbling this little ode to my prairie roots.

Yes, Kate, it's often really hard to part with my vintage goodies!! Luckily, I always find a way to find more! :)

Charmaine, I just saw that. There were just SO many screaming little ones in strollers and angry drivers in the parking lot, it did not seem like it would be a fun ramble through the maze. Maybe next year

Ms. Falcon said...

the yellow cape is so adorable ...
and beautiful photos!