Monday, May 2, 2011

Chenille: Bed, Beach, and Beyond

How intriguing! Contrary to wikipedia's entry for "chenille," which suggests "in the 1930s, usage for the tufted fabric became widely desirable for throws, mats, bedspreads, and carpets, but not as yet, apparel," here are some images which suggest that chenille garments seem to have been rather popular, for bed, the beach, and possibly beyond, in the 30s and 40s? 

Image via Corbis Archive
via Vintage Fashion Guild Forum


Emily & Gracie said...

The center one of the (beach?) robe is wonderful! It's adorable, and looks like it would be comfy and not as delicate as many fabrics of the 30s (so I'd be comfortable lounging in it and washing it normally).
- Emily

Lauren said...

Yummy!! I just love these old chenille things. I have a beach cape with colorful stripes that I love to pieces :) It's SO warm. It totally makes sense! If you go out swimming and then come back freezing or are on the beach and it's windy it's a really handy tool. I hope beach robes and capes make a comeback someday :)

hhi said...

you are the best.

JGO said...

I love the top dress absolutely gorgeous, I see myself wearing it...Chenille is the best fabric ever, so comfy.

BaronessVonVintage said...

oh, yes, the capes and capelets are DARLING, too!!!

honey hi: thank you! ditto! xoxo