Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wild Rose Antique Show

Today, I donned my vintage apparel and hit the bricks bright & early to attend the Wild Rose Antiques show for the first time, and, boy, I sure did go *wild* for all the loveliness I encountered.  Despite a frustrating start to the experience* (see footnote at end of post), in the end, I had a swell time; most importantly, I scored some wonderful things, both for myself (the art nouveau dish and the 30s carved chocolate bakelite bangle) and for my shop (the 30s and 40s magazines, among many other goodies not pictured here).  I enjoyed the "not for sale" displays of vintage aprons, Depression glass, and talc containers, too!!
*My experience was only marred by a lack of clarity on the part of the event organizers regarding the process for ticket purchase in relation to the line-ups. In short, I stood in line for 20 minutes only to be told at the entrance that tickets were not available at the door, which is the way entrance is handled at every other antique or vintage event I have attended.  In this instance, I was denied entrance and sent to the ticket kiosk, which was beside the end of the very long line. Then I had to get back in line and wait all over again. There was no signage or info online indicating no tickets at the door, so I was disappointed that I had to queue up twice.  Who knows what treasures I missed due to this mini-debacle. Alas, I must not be a greedy guts. I got lots of really fine things!!


Witchcrafted Life said...

That table of coloured glassware quite literally made me gasp aloud! Oh, what a splendid looking antique show. I'm really sorry though about the initial troubles you encountered, but am so glad you were still able to find several wonderful treasures.

Happiest Easter weekend wishes, sweet gal!
♥ Jessica

art deco dame said...

I was trying not to drool at the photos!Sorry to hear entry was such a hot mess.Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

BaronessVonVintage said...

It really was a swell experience, despite the ticket debacle. Glad you enjoyed my shares :)