Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pokey Perfection

Did anyone catch Pokey LaFarge on Boardwalk last episode? I loooooove him!


PepperReed said...

Oooh! We Love Pokey! Don't have cable tho' so no Boardwalk for us, until it's out on DVD. Thanks for the link!

Rachael // Paraders said...

He sounds darling! I'm so far behind on Boardwalk...I need to catch up ASAP!


superheidi said...

We don't have the episode yet here, but it's great for him. Love his music and he's such a nice bloke.

Dakota said...

Ohhh, I'm behind on Boardwalk too, but this is so exciting!! I met Pokey at a show last year, and he's just wonderful :)

Jitterbuggin said...

I missed the episode, but caught him recently in an intimate live setting in Hood River. I highly recommend the live show. Very dancable!