Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mad for Plaid

Going through my closet and cached images, one thing is glaringly apparent: I'm perennially mad for plaid!  No wonder I am drawn to 30s fashion, since plaid accents are a staple.

30s Yellow & Black Plaid Top (recently sold along in my shop)

The ever stylish Heidi Rosenau via The Chic Index in a perfectly plaid ensemble

30s style 'altered knit' dress impeccably made by the stunning Nabby for Burns Night.

Gorgeous Amelia Foxtrot wearing darling 30s plaid & cuff set (from Adeline's Attic Vintage) with great elan!

Beautiful Gemma in a 30s style blue plaid 'Jemima' dress made by Vintage Dressmaker

My fave plaid-accented 30s inspired sportswear set made by Nudeedudee


Stephanie Lynn said...

I too love plaid! I need more 30s in my wardrobe. So yummy!

LandGirl1980 said...

I love a good bit of plaid :) Need to add more to my collection!

garofit said...

Lovely stuff. How could you part with that top?

Miss Rayne said...

plaid is no 1 with me too

Emily & Gracie said...

So much plaid prettiness! I love your Nudeedudee set with that robin hood-esque hat!

- Emily

unikorna said...

You are very inspired, apparently the Roaring 20's are making a huge come back in fashion. The flapper look is amazing. Congrats.

Miss Maple said...

So many nice plaid outfits. Thank you for sharing!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

So much fabulousness! I'm loving all these vintage plaid outfits. I wish I could pull off vintage clothing, but I don't know, I always look out of place in it. I think the only retro era I can really pull off is the 60s (mod or hippie). So I really envy you and these other amazing ladies. :)

Andi B. Goode said...

I'm such a sucker for plaid! It makes me swoon. Saw a gorgeous (modern) 3 piece men's suit in plaid, once, and imagined my crush at the time wearing it - nearly fainted. Ha!
-Andi x