Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wanna Have Some Fun?

Vintage fashion illustrations sometimes inspire me and sometimes they outright amuse me.  The amusing bits usually come in the form of the imaginary social scenarios the women modelling the fashions are shown in, along with their facial expressions, body language, and poses.  Here are my three favourites.  If you're game (or bored or procrastinating), feel free to come up with some witty imaginary dialogue or funny captioning for one or more of them.

In fact, let's make a little game of it.  The person who comes up with the most amusing image quip between now and tomorrow by midnight (that's MY midnight, Thursday, Sept. 16th, Eastern Standard Time), will win a credit of $25.00 to be used towards any item in my Etsy shop, so be sure to leave a link back to your blog or email addy so I can contact you if you win! Enter as many times as you would like, but make sure you are clear about which quip goes with which image!  Credit cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be combined with other sales or shop offers.




Foxy Coxy said...

Image One -

Darling, have you seen that most delightful stole?

No, honey, that's her lap dog - you really must remember to bring your fabulous new spectacles with you when we go out!

garofit said...

don't know about fun, but the first surely seems to illustrate some of our points in your previous post - fur versus live pets if you want - it looks like the woman with the dog is afraid it might end up as a piece of fur around the other woman's neck, hence the defensive attitude :)

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

LOL! The first thing that popped into my head with image one is ", Becky! Look at her BUTT!"

Anonymous said...

For image one: "Why yes, my dear, now that I think of it, your bum DOES look bigger in that dress!"

Lauren said...

Oh how fun!!
I can only thing of no:1-
(whispering)"Oh dear... poor Trudie is trying to hide gap-o-sis. Her hand-on-hip stance doesn't fool me! Someone should tell her about Talon slide fasteners!"

I think I read too many old magazines. Lol.

Shabby Jen said...

Love your photos! I so wish it all were still the style.
We love your blog and follow it. We added it to our sidebar too!! Won't you pop over to our blog and follow us? We are new and would love to see you follow.
Have a great evening!
Jen & Dawn, AKA The Shabby Paris Girls

Anonymous said...

#1..."Everytime I carry my dog, I get a stitch in my hip!"
"Try carrying one smaller than your labrador next time!".
#2..."oh dear, a bird has poopooed in my hand".
#3...No one said that it looked as if Miss Marge used her curtian fabric for a belt and cuffs, but they all knew it to be true.

Oh well, I won't quit my day job :P

nona said...

That third picture makes me think of Dorothy Sayers! I'm imagining the couple as Peter and Harriet, and the lady in the middle is Peter's awful sister-in-law saying something snobby about the poor girl on the right. Possibly that one oughn't wear dolman sleeves if one doesn't know how to do it properly, and the less said about stripes, the better.

Natalie Stone said...

Image one:
Woman on left: Eleanor must be on very hard times, dear. Her stole is still breathing.
Woman on right: It's a pity, really. There's nothing worse than having to take your accessories out on their schedule instead of your own.

Image two:
(woman on right): Vivienne, do you see that tiny dress on the floor, or have I overdone it again?

Natalie Stone said...

Image one:
Woman on left: Eleanor must be on very hard times, dear. Her stole is still breathing.
Woman on right: Pity isn't it? What a trial to have to "take out" your accessories on their schedule instead of your own.

Image two:
Woman on right: Vivienne, do you see that tiny dress on the floor, or have I overdone it again?

Natalie Stone said...

So sorry for the doubled post! Just saw the approval notification :( Apologies.

garofit said...

going back and writing the caption for pic no 1:
woman in the middle: "...Yum...I can see THAT doing just the right job on my new winter coat!..."
woman on the left replies, pulling away : - "Darling, she can actually hear you!!...Now, will you behave?!"
- "Why did i ever invite her?! She makes me the laugh of the town!!"

or, wrinkling her nose at her companion's taste
- "Darling, surely you're not being serious! It is the Collie that's this year's rage!"

garofit said...

second image
woman on the right, full of herself, showing off her manicure :
"...and that's a half moon to you!..."
woman on the left, thinking:
"..and that's why i only see you once in a blue moon, NOW i remember!"

Sarsaparilla said...

Third image:

Woman on the right...
"Drat! If I had known the Baroness Von Vintage was going to be at this tea I would have worn my Adeline's frock."

Sorry, couldn't resist. :-)

Miss Tami Lee said...

First off a warning, I have the sense of humour of a 9 year old...

First image

Lady in green: "Pffft" "Oh my, bad dog!"
Lady in red (with a stiff British accent): "Elenore, I do believe that was YOU, and not your lap rat..."

Yeah..a fart joke...what can I say

Lauren said...

Image 3:
John's monotone conversation seemed even more asinine when compared with her friends' tastes in outlandish frocks.

Lauren said...

Image two:
"How very daring of you, Margaret, to wear a frock in that color with your skin tone"

Stefanie Valentine said...

I'm useless at things like this, but the suggestions given are hilarious!