Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Baltimore

On my list of things to do in this lifetime: learn this dance!! In the mean-time, I'll continue to enjoy my daily ritual of dancing an improvised version I call the batty Baroness, set to Janet Klein's rendition of this song.


Nancy said...

Nifty. Looks simple enough, though the shoulder is a bit funky and probably one of the harder parts to master.

Anonymous said...

LOL... batty baroness, yah?

So you've got a bucket list. I'm convinced that this is part of the secret to staying young.

Thank you for the hilarious mental image, though, missus. :)


BaronessVonVintage said...

True, Nancy, it appears rather straightfoward, but I'm not good at taking visuals of someone dancing and translating them into smooth movements in my own body. I just don't learn by seeing very easily, so it will take me FOREVER, I'm sure.

Darlene: I guess I sort of DO have a subconscious bucket list! Consciously speaking, I try to enjoy each day to the fullest and I also try to set little goals for myself to keep me moving forward and constantly learning. I agree that age is a state of is being a batty Baroness! ;)