Sunday, May 2, 2010

To the Manor Borne

So, this weekend, the neighbouring city of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada, is having this "Doors Open" event, which means that access to all historical buildings and monuments is FREE until tomorrow. Needless to say, I've been trying to take full advantage by carting the mister around to as many places as possible. Yesterday, we hit up two locations.  The first is Dundurn Castle...or at least the outside of it. We didn't get inside due to huge line-ups, but I DEFINITELY plan to go back. This location evoked every Jane Austen novel and movie, combined with all English manor house films, from Gosford Park to Atonement.  WHY didn't I bring a car full of gowns? ;)  Seriously, though, the place was packed with weddings and tourists, so we were just lucky we got some pictures that didn't have people other than myself in them.  Side note: wow, people love to stare!  I cannot believe that the world has come to a place where a woman in a hat is some sort of specimen to be gawked at!  At any rate, without further ado, I give you Dundurn Castle.  Fingers crossed I shall be heading out again shortly for Day Two of this historical building extravaganza!


Yesterday Girl said...

Beautiful! Both the location and yourself! x

Riikka said...

What a beautiful location and you look gorgeous! Love the dress.

It really, really bugs me when people stare at me. I know I shouldn't be upset about it but I can't help but be a little annoyed. It's just something I've still not gotten used to.

Lauren said...

Beautiful place, I didn't know about this, I'll have to go check it out!

Lovely blog by the way, and hats will NEVER go out of style as long as we're around!

BomshellShocked said...

You're a braver woman that I am! I avoid "free days" like the plague. I can't stand the crowds. I'll pay and go on a random Tuesday afternoon while school is in session!

Rueby... said...

I can't say I was 'stared' at, but boy was I the talk of the antique show I went to yesterday with my Mum. My era is more late 40s/early I was in a flowered sundress and belt, with a beige puff sleeve cardigan. I had my hair curled with a side roll for bangs, red half-ball earrings and a red hat. Nothing super fancy, but a good casual day off but out of the house.
SO MANY COMPLIMENTS...more than I have EVER had. People were amazed to see someone my age (24) at an antique show, shocked I was wearing a dress where they couldn't see my knees and shocked to see a hat on my head as well (my mother overheard the last two as I was being gossiped about.) Compliments on my colour coordination (red glasses, earrings, belt & hat) too. And yet, as always, the vendors were shocked when I KNEW what I was looking at and could even correct them.

Silly people!

It is my goal to acquire more hats. I toast the top of my hair FAR too much in summer.

Sara said...

I just jumped over from your comment on feminism and sewing at Gertie. What a nice blog you've got here. Will be back!

BaronessVonVintage said...

Thanks, all! I definitely can't wait to return to this location! Wait til I actually go INSIDE!!

BombshellShocked: I assure you, it happened by accident that we were there on the free day. We had planned a trip to Dundurn Castle no matter what and then we got told by the people working there that ALL the attractions were free. If we had KNOWN we would have steered clear.

Gals who love hats: let's keep it up!

Rueby: I've left you a longer comment. It's so lovely to be complimented and recognized for your vintage efforts! It's the gawking that is a little awkward sometimes (right, Riika?)

Sara: thanks for stopping by! Gertie's blog is fantastic and always gets me thinking and posting rambling posts. ;)

Stefanie Valentine said...

I am SLOWLY getting used to people staring at me, to be honest i quite like the attention :) yes i am a bit of an attention tart :)
I love all my hats, and i really wish more people would wear them, it finishes an outfit off just perfectly. xx