Monday, April 12, 2010

Outfits Inspired By My 30s Vintage Archives, Part One

While vintage can certainly be worn however one wants to wear it, I am finding that I am definitely most comfortable wearing outfits directly translated from 1930s sources.  Case in point: a 1930s catalog image has inspired virtually all my outfits lately.  Yesterday's sailor outfit was drawn from the image of the gal at right below.  As you will see, today, I tried to create a look similar to the one worn by the woman at left. Yes, I'm still obsessed with 30s resort and sportswear....

30s skirt

30s skirt 2

Outfit Details
Blouse: Jacob Clothing
Skirt: 1930s, from Top Tottie on Etsy
Shoes: 1930s, from Ebay and Etsy (forget where)


Kir said...

I love that skirt! Nice job. :D

garofit said...

Catalogs are one very consistent inspiring source, I couldn't agree more with that. I need to invest in some, to get some "direction" with my outfits.
Because most of my wardrobe is still modern (but in course of changing!!) I fail miserably most of the time (and end up looking like a 70's throwback, far cry from what I'd like to achieve.)
It's a lengthy and painful process for me, but I'll get there.Hopefully. You certainly are an inspiration.

Yesterday Girl said...

You look perfect...that's such a pretty skirt.x

BomshellShocked said...

Love it!!

BaronessVonVintage said...

THanks! 30s separates are VERY hard to find, so I was overjoyed when I spied this skirt in my size! It's a light airy rayon blend. I wish it was about an inch or two longer so it could fall the way the skirt in the catalog pic does, but it is DEFINITELY an almost identical 30s skirt (has the original metal side snaps and everything! Wish I could capture all the amazing yokes and godets on the skirt.

Lesley Ann said...

I would definitely wear these to work! The skirt is the right style to "hide" some of my lower body "imperfections"! The blouses are very cute!