Saturday, April 21, 2018

Madame Butterfly

I'm still deciding whether to revive my blog, now that, after a long sojourn in a creative cocoon of sorts, I am ready to spread my wings and soar back into vintage endeavours (selling, styling, collecting, socializing, at least part-time).  For now, here's to spring, the season of revival, and my favourite 1920s stencilled silk technicolour dream coat!


Profösör said...

How nice it is that people are sensitive to their beauty! .. Congratulations. Greetings.

Porcelina said...

What a beauty! There's something quite boudoir about a lot of '20s coats isn't there? If this was belted you could see it as a robe. We had a fantastic '20s exhibition in the UK a few years ago, I took some photos, a few nice coats in there if you want to see:

Nice to hear from you back on your blog, I have kept up with you on Instagram.