Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Caravan Palace

The other night, I was lucky enough to see one of my favourite electroswing bands, Caravan Palace, LIVE and in a very small local Edmonton venue!!  What a truly amazing show!! It started over 2 hours later than advertised, but this act was *so* worth the wait. The lead singer is like a little 20s-inspired DOLL and the band members were so energetic and gave their ALL to each and every song.  If you get a chance, go see Caravan Palace!!!


Helen Mae said...

I love Caravan Palace! You're so lucky to have been able to have seen them live. I'll definitely go if I ever get the chance.

garofit said...

Cute! They look like they're having a great time doing what they do, which is inviting for an audience too.

Witchcrafted Life said...

That sounds like such an amazing show! I adore electroswing, it's so energy boosting and fabulously fun. I can just imagine that such feelings are multiplied many times over in person!

♥ Jessica