Monday, November 1, 2010

Coco & Igor

Well, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  I spent all Hallow's eve upstairs watching the movie Coco & Igor (about the turbulent romance of Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky) while simultaneously trying to keep two dogs (one ours, the other we're doggy sitting) from going bezerk every time the trick-or-treaters rang the bell.  I MUST go back and rewatch it.  The movie as a whole was quite fascinating. For me, it illuminated new facets of the complex woman behind the designer label. While I thought there were a few too many rather unsubtle erotic scenes, the costumes and the interior shots of Coco's French "villa" were just exquisite.  Makes me want black and white in all rooms....for now, my bathroom is my Coco happy to come.  If I find time, I'll try to post screencaps of my favourite fashion moments. In the mean-time here are some glimpses from the trailer.


Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

I do need to see this, if only for the fashion (yes, I know, shallow. But so many biopics are just BORING, I have rather given up on findign a good one) x

Miss Rayne said...

Looks like a 'must see' I've just watched Portrait of a Marriage which was interesting.

chelsea said...

Yelp, I've seen it. It is really great. I agree, there was some gratuitous nudity and such, but the music was fantastic. I realized I'd never really heard Stravinsky before!

BaronessVonVintage said...

If you watch it only for the fashion, I am sure you will find it unboring, PD!

It's definitely worth a watch in an idle hour, Miss Rayne.

Chelsea: yes, gratuituous nudity...that was the phrase I was grasping for! I love how the film used music. I love how Stravinsky (and his wife's Russian embroidered dress) is shown to have inspired Chanel's designs and how Chanel inspired Stravinsky's music (is it TRUE Stravinsky composed a piece named "Five," assumaby in reference to Chanel's signature scent? I couldn't find it online....)