Friday, March 5, 2010

A/V Help for the March Hair

Okay, the hare/hair pun seemed funnier in my head. HarHar(e). Anyway, thought I'd share a couple of great 1930s hair videos which I've been enjoying watching (over and over), as I continue my quest to take my naturally wavy bobbed hair to the next level of finger waved fabulousness.... The first video was created by one of my favourite bloggers, Glamour Daze. The second was done by The Lisa Freemont Pages (her blog post on finger waving was the first one I've seen that acknowledges that 20s and 30s waved hairstyles really were designed with wavy haired gals in mind and straight haired women would therefore usually get permanents to help the hair along).

Which 30s hairstyle do you love best: The Rhumba Swirl? The Terminal (my personal fave)?; The Duchess (I'd change it to the Baroness ;))?; the Animerée? the Merry Widow?

1 comment:

Francy said...

Great videos! I love hair like this, but my hair is very straight, so it's a challenge. I wish I had wavy hair!